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About Me

I’m a Photographer, I love turning genuine moments into beautiful images. Great photos tell a story, they let us share our precious memories with friends and family. Here’s a bit about my story, though I’m sure yours is just as, if not more interesting!

Born and raised in Australia, my photography journey started in high school when the beautifully odd Australian birdlife caught my eye. As my journeys became more frequent and more ambitious, I began using my camera as a way of sharing the amazing places I visit and the good times I have.

Through my recent experience of building my own photography business, I’ve taken an interest in Social Media Marketing. I love to see Small Businesses and love being part of the process. If you’re turning your passion into a source of income like I have, then you need a Personal Branding Photographer like me!

Success Stories from My Customers

Discover how I can create beautiful images that tell your unique story

Wow! Thanks a lot, the photos look amazing!


Thanks a lot Alastair!
I showed a few people the images and they were quite positively surprised at how good they were.


We had Alastair as our wedding photographer. The theme was the 20’s and the photos are really amazing. To sum it up: great photos and a nice personality. I can only recommend Alastair as a photographer and as a person.


We’d like to thank you for your extraordinary images, for the moments that you have captured for us forever. It was really enjoyable and relaxed to work with you. Your photos are beautiful.


I had Alastair take photos of me for professional networking and marketing tools. Everything went very smoothly and there were some amazing photos that I can make use of. Everything went very quickly and smoothly. A real pro. Thank you, I would definitely recommend him.

Dimitri Rutanski


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